How to Direct Your Own Healing by Frank Alix

How to Direct Your Own Healing

With increased understanding and new skills, we can take positive action to facilitate our own healing and restore a sense of well-being.

Video Clip from Presentation

 This video clip, from the How to Direct Your Own Healing presentation, discusses how meditation can help overcome depression. The entire video is available in Session 6 of the Online Healing Support Program.

Content Overview and Instructions

The How to Direct Your Own Healing presentation is provided in PDF format. The two documents below it are reference articles that are cited in the presentation. The Practice chapter is from the book, For the Love of Katlyn - Principles and Practices for a Better Life, by Francis Alix

What's included?

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How to Direct Your Own Healing-Final 8-18-18.pdf
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3 Guilt And Shame Messages Of Childhood Emotional Neglect And How To Defeat Them.pdf
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Nothing worked for my depression — until I tried meditation.pdf
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