Substance Dependence / It's Not Your Fault Presentation by Frank Alix

Substance Dependence / It's Not Your Fault Presentation

We need a different approach to help those who struggle with substance dependence, one that recognizes the effects of childhood adversity and adult trauma, and seeks to facilitate healing of the underlying emotional wounds. 

Substance Dependence Presentation Video Clip

This video clip is from the Substance Dependence, It's Not Your Fault Presentation. The entire video presentation is available at this Vimeo link.

Content Overview and Instructions

The Substance Dependence presentation is provided in PDF format. For slides containing a video, you can use the link on the slide to connect to the video content outside the presentation and then return to the presentation after the video is done.

The "Addiction doc says_" article is a reference from the presentation, Slide 17. The "Healing Support Program Testimonial" document is a complete version of the excerpt discussed in Slide 18.

The "Substance Dependence-It's Not Your Fault-Start Healing" blog is a downloadable copy for you to keep and/or share.

What's included?

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Offering healing resources and support for those affected by difficult life experiences.