Start Healing Presentation by Frank Alix

Start Healing Presentation

Covers five key lessons from the first session of our Healing Support Program plus actions you can take to help get you started on the healing journey.


Thank you for being here today. I'm pleased to offer you healing resources and support that have helped me and others, and would be honored to start the healing journey with you. Frank

Video Clip of Start Healing Presentation

This video clip, from the First Session of our online Healing Support Program, discusses the final slides of the Start Healing Presentation. You can watch the entire presentation at this Vimeo link.

Content Overview and Instructions

The Start Healing Presentation is provided in PDF format. For slides containing a video, you can use the link on the slide to connect to the video content outside the presentation and then return to the presentation after the video is done.
The Digital Resilience Cheat Sheet is a handout from the presentation. The "#Me Too-It's Not Your Fault-Start Healing" Blog is a downloadable copy for you to keep and/or share.
The "StartHealing-WhatYouCanDo" document is a list of things that you can do to start your own healing journey, along with reference materials and links to helpful resources. This is a good place to start after the presentation. 
The remaining documents are references that are cited in the "What You Can Do" document. Please use them as you see fit. Our goal is to give you options and choices to help you begin.

What's included?

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Offering healing resources and support for those affected by difficult life experiences.