Maybe What You Have is Just "BAD" Presentation by Frank Alix

Maybe What You Have is Just "BAD" Presentation

Making changes to our environment and experiences can be difficult when important aspects are not within our control. So we need supportive relationships and increased understanding about things we can control.

Video Clip from Presentation

This video clip is from the end of the Maybe What You Have is Just Bad presentation, which is covered in Session 5 of the Online Healing Support Program.

Content Overview and Instructions

The "BAD" Presentation is provided in  PDF format. For slides containing a video, you can use the link on the slide to connect to the video content outside the presentation and then return to the presentation after the video is done.

The "Mental Illness-Disorder-Maybe What You Have is Just BAD" blog is a downloadable copy for you to keep and/or share.

The "Building Core Life Skills" and "Building Core Capabilities for Life" documents are from the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University. They describe the science behind developing certain mental skills/abilities and practical suggestions to help adults rebuild life skills after they have been impacted by trauma or other stressful life experiences.

What's included?

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