Offering healing resources and support for those affected by difficult life experiences.

Start Healing Presentation

Provides information, videos and exercises to help you understand the effects of your difficult life experiences and learn new healing skills and self-care practices.

Healing Support Program

Offers our ten-week Healing Support Program online to help individuals and groups get the healing support they need and deserve.

How to Direct Your Own Healing

Provides an approach you can use to direct your own healing, with reference materials and a chapter from the book, For the Love of Katlyn.

Healing Stories and Media

Provides healing stories from our community, and media options to help spread the word about our online healing resources.

Substance Dependence / It's Not Your Fault Presentation

Shows how childhood and adult trauma/adversity lead to substance dependence, and what conditions are necessary to begin healing.

Maybe What You Have is Just "BAD" Presentation

Shows how emotional pain is a symptom of a "BAD" environment and or experiences, and how the cure is to create something better.

Why We Need a Healing Movement

It's the only way to reach those who suffer in silence and provide them the resources and loving support they need to start feeling better.

Online Healing Support Program (previously Katlyn's Healing Community)

If you're interested in a healing approach that is self-directed and empowering, we offer a 10-week, online Healing Support Program to review the site presentations and chapters from the book, For the Love of Katlyn.  The Program is suitable for both individuals and groups.